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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics expresses all the ethical values that MIB is committed to recognising and accepting in the course of its business. The principles expressed in the Code of Ethics are binding upon everyone who is linked with the company in any way.

The working environment is inspired by principles of correctness and collaboration. The human resources who work for MIB are responsible and motivated on all levels to achieve specific goals through hard work and an orientation toward ethical shared values, thanks to their experience and professional skills in their respective fields.

Corporate Values

The ethic values inspiring MIB are based on:

Legality, diligence and good faith: every person, in the course of his or her profession, acts in compliance with the principles of legality, loyalty and good faith, meeting contractual obligations and guaranteeing that the requested level of service is met.

Correctness and transparency: behaviour based on the utmost correctness and transparency in relations with customers and suppliers represents a competitive edge for the company.

Impartiality: the company is against all forms of discrimination based on age, state of health, sex, religion, race, or political and cultural opinions.

Corporate image: a good external reputation favours customer fidelity, good relations with suppliers and an image of dependability among creditors.

Human resources: making the most of the value and professionalism of our human resources through on-going improvement of technical and professional skills is an essential key to success.

Enterprising spirit: company management is inspired by the criteria of economic feasibility and efficiency, to provide top quality services and solutions and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Technological excellence and innovation: on-going updating of technological evolution is guaranteed in order to achieve the highest standards of quality in the services and products supplied.

Safety, health and environmental protection: the environment and the workplace are safe, and healthfulness is ensured by appropriate management. Special attention is dedicated to separate collection of wastes such as paper, glass, plastic, electronic cards, batteries, etc.

Energy saving: MIB adopted a policy that provides for the reduction of the energy impact in all areas. It is expected the requirement to turn off computers and fixtures throughout the night and warming is constantly kept under control to avoid waste and pollution. In addition, the number of servers used in the company has been significantly reduced and the same have been replaced by machines with low energy consumption.

Confidentiality: employees treat information about the company or about customers’ activities and intellectual property as strictly confidential.

Protection of privacy: MIB complies with the personal data protection requirements of the Data Protection Code under current legislation.

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