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EUROROBOMAT is a Cash In/ Cash Out device, patented by MIB, for the management of cash flow, integrated with the counter application software.

The cashier made ​​banknotes deposits and withdrawals through a shutter window placed in an ergonomic position on the front of the device.
All operations are controlled and managed automatically by the cashier computer.

The parameters that control the device are programmable, allowing EuroRobomat to be configured and updated, even with remote function of software distribution for each operational cash requirements.

ROBOMAT LIGHT is a cash deposit for cash management, coordinated with the service of funds transportation. 

System Description and Operation

  • The cashier or the responsible at the time of the deposit, is identified by electronic key (Badge, Dallas Key or other).
  • The system checks the banknotes introduced (True/ False) and updates an unchangeable internal accounting journal.
  • The management card updates in real time a remote server.
  • The money goes immediately into the accounting availability of the centralized cash desk.
  • The accounting statement of Robomat Light allows, in case of dispute, the analytical reconstruction of the events.
  • Drain the unit can be assigned to service of funds transportation, with unlock by remote consensus.
  • Safe grade I, with possibility to integrate a staining device according to T71/ 5 standard.
    • Cash acceptor certificate ECB, according to the latest European standards for identifying false.
  • Cassette Capacity: 1.200 Banknotes (all Euro denominations and currencies).
  • Removable self-sealing cassette, with key opening, electronic with its own internal memory for data exchange and storage.
  • Electronic card for communication and data transmission.
  • Dedicated GPRS modem module.
  • Backup Battery and power 12 V.
  • Predisposition for keyboard and external monito

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