Solutions for ATMS

Solutions for ATMS

In the field of products for the ATMs protection, MIB performs SecurBancomat line with deterrent features, which result in invalidation of banknotes in case of attack and previous detonation of explosive gas or solids. A range of devices to which they belong SID and SPP is rather designed to counter the introduction of explosives in the safe. The two families of systems are compatible and can be installed at the same time, increasing significantly the ATMs security.


SecurBancomat is an integrated system of banknotes neutralization for ATMs (IBNS – Intelligent Banknotes Neutralization System), which is a deterrent against burglary attempts. In case of attack to the ATM, SecurBancomat stains, with indelible ink, banknotes contained in the cassettes, making them unusable. Over the years, the company was able to anticipate changes in technology and security measures, adapting its solutions to new ranges of ATMs and, in particular, MIB has developed expertise and experience in the integration of specific markers and tracers in inks, approved by international certification bureaus recognized by the ECB. From 2011, the performances of MIB inks proved equally effective on banknotes for the Euro 2 standard. SecurBancomat, patented active MIB system can be installed in combination with other devices, such as AGS, SID and SPP.


Among the various MIB innovative solutions to prevent attempted attacks against the ATMs with the introduction of explosive material through the banknotes presentation area, there is the SID (Security Interlock Device), a anti-burglar device managed by an electronic logic that interacts with the ATM and supports in security each operation of banknotes distribution. This device, in its first presentation to the market, is designed to equip Wincor Nixdorf ATMs with a synchronized mobile mechanical barrier. The system enables a real physical interlock, closing the safe behind the presenter during banknotes transit. SID allows the opening of the shutter, to the client side, after checking the affected area. In addition, SID protects the passage to inside the safe even if the thieves use cloned cards.


The device SPP - Security Push Plate (Patent No.: US 8,905,300 B2), can be installed in conjunction with the SecurBancomat and AGS. This solution was developed to counter attacks conducted with solid explosives, which were introduced in the safe of the ATM through the banknotes presentation area. SPP activates a mechanical lock on the Diebold “Push Plate”. In case of forcing or not assistance of the servo-motor, the thrust on the push plate activates a block in the access to the safe area of banknotes presentation.


Trilogy GF15 by MIB (Patent Pending) is a high security device designed to certify the real closing of an ATM safe.
Trilogy GF15 is a sensor with triple technology that verifies the closure of a safe through the interaction of an RFID/ NFC component, an Optical Wireless component and a MEMS component.
An internal microprocessor elaborates the encrypted transmission and receiving of three separate signals associated with each other with at least a unique identification code combined with security proprietary algorithms.
The sensor consists of a module on the body safe and a module on the door.
When the door is closed, the RFID/ NFC technology provides a unique and close identification of the checking component providing to the OWC module a dynamic processed OTP code, to be transmitted to the optical receiver. Only if the return code is correct, then the sensor provides information on the effective closure of the safe.
The anti-manumission for detachment from its own point of fixation, after putting into service, is guaranteed by the three-axis MEMS device that detects any change in status. This also applies to the component mounted on the door, as its horizontal/ vertical rotation movement follows a combination of repeating axes.
Any disturbance that can overcome the electrical insulation of the case involves the interruption of the functionality and it is detected as an alarm.
Trilogy GF15 communicates with traditional electronic locks and dynamic codes locks, certifying the door closing and sending the data via an encrypted protocol at any change of state or interruption.
During installation/ activation the self-learning phase ensures the unique identification and the coupling of the modules composing the sensor.

Main Features
- Triple technology (RFID/ NCF, OWC, MEMS)
- Electric, logic and mechanics anti-handling
- Power Supply 12 V
- Security Case
- Simplified Installation
- Serial line RS485 with encrypted channel